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Introducing Barry

Barry's family, Dec 2000.
The Last pic of the 2nd Millenium.
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and other family tree pictures.
Barry's family Logo.

I now have time for Family History.. and for Dawn too!.

I was an Electronics Technician, beginning 1965 for Ministry of Transport, Civil Aviation Division, which became AIRWAYS, New Zealand Limited.
I have been at Christchurch airport since 1993 employed at the workshop in a Central Maintenance role. (Aeronautical Navigation, Radar & Radio Communications)
I am now retired after completing 50 years service.

It took me two years to catch up on the back-log of Saturdays (the work around home) that had accrued over those 50 years!

My genealogical pursuits arose in 1984 when I just had to find out how the Wellington folk were my cousins.
E-mail : barry @

One can fall out of a FAMILY TREE when one tries social climbing!

My favourite sayings are ...
Some people are limited by what they KNOW.
Others are un-restricted by what they can LEARN.

Today, on this day, we are yet again reminded that peace cannot be taken for granted.
That it must be preserved by the acts of leaders, and protected through the actions of citizens.
We must all do our part.                             (Jacinda Adern. Anzac Morning, 2022)

I have been a member of the NZSG since 1985.
I am a member of Canterbury Society as well as the national body of New Zealand Society of Genealogists. (#8530)
The Society's resources are large and growing. Digitisation of special records is available ONLY to MEMBERS. Millions of records.
Your Membership of NZSG should aid you immensely with New Zealand focussed records.
Especially now the KIWI Collection is on line
with its 309 data sets and 1498 schools.

A quick look at the FRC

You might have a moment for a couple of distractions:-
My OTHER home page - with DNA & NZSG links
and my DNA with Ancestor Charts with Family Group sheets.

Now I have started the DNA experience.
You can visit my own ancestor families site:-
FTDNA_logo.png Logo Dawn & I have paid our money for Autosomal tests at FTDNA (Family Tree DNA).

I have tested for Y-111 and Big Y-500.
"History Unearthed Daily"
And their Facebook page at,
and join by clicking "Like."

The pair of us have tested for Mitochondrial
mtDNA Full Sequence as well.

Family Tree DNA {FTDNA}.
Barry's Kit number is 554089.
I have tested for:-
  1. Autosomal DNA (atDNA)
  2. Y-111 DNA (Male line) & Big-Y500 DNA (321,738 'Dad's' samples)
  3. Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) (16,738 'Mum's' samples)
  4. My Haplogroup (Y) is:- - R-BY76765
  5. My Haplogroup (mt) is:- - H5a1
  6. See this helpful short video here at FTDNA:- mtDNA video

  7. I have an account with GedMatch.
  8. My ID is T775786    My ged File is 8318340

  9. The numbers are Identifers and are required
    should you wish to make a comparison or analyse a match.
  10. This helps us to connect with those who have purchased those tests as well.

Family Tree DNA {FTDNA}.
Dawn's Kit number is 554093.
She has tested for:-
  1. Autosomal DNA (atDNA)
  2. Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) (16,738 'Mum's' samples)
  3. Dawn's Haplogroup (mt) is:- - U5a1i1

  4. I have an account with GedMatch.
  5. Dawn's ID is T705833     Her ged File is 2841402

If you are part of MY Ancestry, we should have a visible connection.
GedMatch is a FREE service and provides interesting methods to DNA matches.
You can visit our tree there or here at my own ancestor families site:-

My Y-DNA Page My Y-DNA Page       >     A temporary test of displaying a magazine. Genealogist_September-2022

Where to go from here.
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left Can you HELP ME?       -
Do you know about Indexes & Records in HAMPSHIRE that might help with my 1809-1851 PYCROFT research?
CHAPMAN Codes of UK, NZ & Aus.
BK Icons, Chart of Cousins, .. [more].. Y-DNA.
NZ Government & Councils. - - CEMETERIES -
Services to genealogists.
Modern Internet has stopped JAVA!
Dynamic Family Tree
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My Home is here   ||   View Larger Map
left   Mum's GtGrandparents were CONVICTS

New stuff to go here. (Nov 2021) {BEP}.

'My' Ships
to Lyttelton, Oct 1878.
  Ship: Henrietta
to Dunedin, Sept 1860.
  See passenger list of William Miles
to Lyttelton, Aug 1860.

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I have most of my PYCROFT in N.Z. contained here, & some of my wife,
NEILSON.   I am particularly interested in the immigration details
of many of these families to New Zealand.
My folks originated in HAMPSHIRE & I.o.W.,
arriving in Lyttelton in October, 1878 on the ship Waitangi.

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Mr. B.E. PYCROFT,   8 Orcades Street,
Shirley, 8013.  Christchurch,  New Zealand.
Voice: +64-3-942.8417 .. .. Mob: +64-223.140.100
E Mail: barry @  . . NZSG 8530.
*** When corresponding, please identify yourself. Knowing where you live helps me understand our relationship. We are after all, discussing family members. ***
{*} in FTDNA, Please make sure your personal settings are public, else we learn nothing of each other {*}

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"A memorial is far more than a means of marking the resting place of individuals. ... It is a symbol of devotion, an expression of love and is built because there was a life ... not a death. The monument is a lasting way to say "We care!"
"Dunedin Monumental Masons"

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