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Immigrant ship to New Zealand, 1874 to 1898

My PYCROFT family arrived on the WAITANGI at Lyttelton on Sunday, 13th October, 1878
after departing Plymouth, England on 17 July, 1878.
Details of the WAITANGI are mixed, with good accounts of some voyages and poor information of others. The accounts might come from newspaper, passenger lists, Diaries & Journals etc. The LOG of LOGS attempts to catalogue the various ship references contained in archives, such as the Alexander Turnbull Library and Canterbury Museum.
This study is made from a personal perspective upon the 1878 voyage and includes sufficient documentation that might enable researchers reading this to locate material not otherwise generally known, especially on the Internet.
Many of the Internet references are undocumented.
Readers who find errors, inaccuracies or have supporting, documented information are welcome to add thier conribution to this study.
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My particular interest is in the 1878 voyage (number 5) to Lyttelton, Oct 1878.

References:- WHITE WINGS - FIFTY YEARS of SAIL in the NEW ZEALAND TRADE 1850 to 1900 by Henry BRETT - Vol 1 p.p. 291-2 The BRETT Printing company, Publishers, Shortland Steet, Auckland. 1924.

The table of WAITANGI voyage information below has been extracted from the above book and the index created by the Genealogical Computing Group of The New Zealand Society of Genealogists, NZSG), April 1988 from the 1984 printing of the above named book to which the listed page numbers refer. I have added some detail.

Lyttelton Times, 15 Oct, 1878.

<HELP> - Does anybody know where I might obtain details about the shipbuilders "J. Blumer & Co. of Sunderland.?"
Vol I - Roebuck Society Publication no. 47. Published by the Author jointly with The Australian Association of Maritime History, QLD, no date, ISBN 0-73166534-1 p.p. 572
Vol II - Roebuck Society Publication no. 47. Published by the Author, QLD, 1993 ISBN 0-64609182-4 p.p. 557
Vol III - Roebuck Society Publication no. 52. Published by the Author, QLD, 1999, ISBN 0-9585232-0-7 p.p. 453

The LOG of LOGS refers extensively to the catalogue references of the Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington and Canterbury Museum Manuscripts, Christchurch as well as "White Wings" Vol I by Henry BRETT.

Ship:- WAITANGI, 1128 Tons.
Built:- 1874 by J. Blumer & Co. of Sunderland. for New Zealand Shipping Company
1878 Voyage:- Dep Sth West Dock, London, July 12 - To Plymouth. Dep Plymouth, 17 July with 323 Pasengers.

The twenty five New Zealand Voyages of the Ship WAITANGI
VoyCapt'n PassDepart onArrive onDays 1984Edn
1Sotham UK08Aug1874 Auckland20Nov1874103153 
2Kerr UK07Sep1875 Lyttelton07Dec187591153 
3Hodder  24Jun1876 Lyttelton16Sep187684155 
4Hodder  06Jul1877 Lyttelton03Oct187789155 
5 Hodder 323 Plymouth 17Jul1878 Lyttelton13Oct187888155 Sailed for London 20/12/78.
6Hodder  26Jun1879 Lyttelton25Sep187991155 Sailed for London 3/12/79
7Hodder  03Jul1880 Lyttelton29Sep188088155 Sailed for London 30/10/80
8Tritson312 16Mar1881 Dunedin13Jun188189156 Sailed for London 9/8/81
9Triston  06Jan1882 Lyttelton21Apr1882105155 Sydney 20 May, Rotterdam 10 July
10 Tritson 312   22Dec1882 Dunedin 26Mar1883 94 156  
11 Triston 312 Plymouth 27Oct1883 Lyttelton 12Jan1884 77 155  
12 Leeman 312   10Aug1884 Dunedin 16Nov1884 98 156  
13 Leeman 312   20Sep1885 Dunedin 15Dec1885 86 156  
14 Leeman     10Jun1886 Auckland 26Sep1886 108 155  
15 Leeman     19Oct1887 Auckland 19Jan1888 92 155  
16 Leeman     12Sep1888 Auckland 07Jan1889 117 155  
17 Leeman     03May1890 Auckland 22Aug1890 111 155  
18 Sinclair     06Jul1891 Auckland 09Oct1891 95 155  
19 Forsdick     01Sep1893 Auckland 20Dec1893 110 155  
20 Forsdick 312   04Aug1894 Wellington 15Nov1894 104 156  
21 Forsdick     13May1895 Auckland 08Sep1895 118 155  
22 Worster     21Jun1896 Auckland 30Sep1896 101 155  
23 Worster 312   23Aug1897 Bluff 28Nov1897 97 156  
24 Worster 312 Via Bluff --Dec1897 Lyttelton 21Dec1897 83 155 Via Bluff
25 Worster 312   30Jul1898 Dunedin 18Nov1898 111 156  

See also "The New Zealand Herald" report on the arrival at Auckland of the 1874 maiden voyage
freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~ourstuff/WaitangiWrite-up.htm - Taken from the New Zealand Herald, Saturday November 21 1874

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Voyage Index and notes for Sailing ship WAITANGI as transcribed and edited from White Wings, Vol I, 1924 Edn by Henry BRETT p.p. 291-2
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