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If you do not have a valid <*.nz> address, your data will discarded.

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The information you provide here I will place in one of my WWW pages in a suitable order as demonstrated below. Your Postal address will be displayed unless you comment otherwise.

Your eMail address will be provided as a link so interested folks can contact you directly from my page. Your information will be thus available to researchers WORLD WIDE.

You might on a regular basis, say monthly, advertise the fact of your data & my page on the various genealogy news groups. eMail me if you need more information. [I do this after I have checked my updated page.]

Your submission of this information means that you accept my offer and my retention of limited relevant data in order to provide the stated service on my WWW page. At any time, you may request I remove your information from my page & computer, given the monthy update period.
I've heard that lesser browsers like Internet Explorer (MS-IE) may not work on this form. That's tough for both of us. Please tell me that you had this problem by separate eMail.

HOW-TO-REACH-YOU Information

The following information will help others contact you, if they are researching the same surname(s) in the same place(s). Make especially sure that your e-mail address is correct: because you are submitting this information via a WWW form, we will not be able to verify it in the mailheaders. If you omit your e-mail address, we will have to regretfully discard your submission.

First Name : Barry
Last Name : Pycroft
Name Tag : pycroftb
E-mail address(es) :
Postal address : 8 Orcades St. Shirley, Christchurch 8001 New Zealand
Web Page :

: Your First Name (required)
: Your Last Name (required)
: Name Tag (required if you are updating previous information, otherwise optional)
: E-mail address(es) (at least one is required)
: Postal address (optional)
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Each entry should consist of four parts:
The name of the family. Do not put the surname in all caps.

Begin Date:
The earliest date for which you have information about the family.

End Date:
The latest date for which you have information about the family.

The migration of the family. For instance, if your ancestors started out in Hampshire, moved to Australia, then on to Lyttleton, the entry would be Ham>Aus>Lyttleton,NZ.

You can enter up to 10 entries. When you have finished entering a set of surnames, click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of this form to send the entries to the surname list.

I can only accept one set of 10 per month per person. You might also attatch (or copy onto) eMail your TINY TAFEL for the same treatment.

By default, the entries are assumed to be new. If you want to update entries that have already been submitted, select 'change' from the box below.

Here are a few sample entries:

Pycroft 1880 1990 Alvestoke,Portsea,HAM>Christchurch,NZ
Haynes c1850 1953 Eng>Tas, AUS>Christchurch,NZ
Neilson c1900 1973 Eng?>Dunedin?,NZ>Southland,NZ

: Surname (required)
: Begin Date (at least one date is required)
: End Date
: Migration (at least one location is required)


Within a couple days or so of submitting, an acknowledgement of receipt will be sent to you via e-mail.

Hopefully I will be able to indicate the date of update. Minimum time will be 1 week. The page hopefully will be updated monthly. I can't promise any regularity.

I've heard that lesser browsers like Internet Explorer (MS-IE) may not work on this form. That's tough for both of us. Please mail me your Surnames by separate eMail, below or separately.

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