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This page is provided by me for the benefit of those who don't have personal resources to present their own information on the WWW.

If you see a name, period & location that interests you, please contact the N.Z. owner directly by the eMail link shown here or by Snail Mail in the normal fashion. Please indicate this source ["PYCROFT Page"] in your correspondence to the contributor. The information shown here is provided in good faith by the contributors.

I am simply providing a place for them make their research interests available globally. I am NOT a researcher, nor can I undertake any liason you might wish to make.
This list updated on 16 April, 2005.. Now removed 16 Dec 2018.

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This set of contributors of family interest is now obsolete.

Many e-mail addresses fail because of changes of addressee, or their providers over the 20 (TWENTY!!) years.
Yep, I started being helpful way back 22 years ago in 1996!

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