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... --- These charts are coded such as to show the amount of DNA that one has of their ancestors.
It can be seen from these charts that the maximum useful time span is 5th cousins, (about 200 years) with your (our?) MRCA (Most Recent Common ancestor) being 4xGtGrandparents (GtGtGtGtGrandparents)

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This is a Y-DNA Chart explaining the nature of increasing sample size.

This chart I made to try explain the value of the results that comes with purchasing the different prices of Y-Tests.
The principle is that with the lower sample numbers beginning at the 'bottom end', EVERYBODY begins there. Everybody that NEARLY matches.
As one buys a greater number of samples, the less number of 'matches' there are. It is common that as the number of samples gets bigger,
it is common for there to be NO MATCHES! Remember, were are looking for matches that descended from the same patriarch.

Before the Norman Conquest of Britain, people did not have hereditary surnames: they were known just by a personal name or nickname.
After 1066, the Norman barons introduced surnames into England, and the practice gradually spread.

This chart I made up from a published table of numbers.
Here I am attempting to show the range of matching DNA that indicates what level of Cousin we might be.
--* CentiMorgans is a measure of DNA that indicates how much DNA is shared among individuals. This might be very small or made up of lots of segments. It is the total count of cM that makes the determination of Consanguinity.
This chart shows it is not an exact science, or a definite indication of a specific relationship. A particular value can be made up of a range of relationships, (say Half) and this is included in the possibilities.
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