These codes are used widely throughout the world in various forums. Also page vi of "Family Research Directory 2000" by the New Zealand Society of Genealogists (NZSG) contains ALL the world's codes.
How should one write up their Locations?       Here are my examples.
Example 1
  • num Street, Suburb/Parish, Town/City, County, Country.
  • 11 Union St. St. Marys, Southsea, HAM, ENG.
  • St. Michaels Church, Christchurch, CBY, NZ.

    Example 2
  • Country, County, Town/City, Suburb/Parish, num Street.
  • ENG, HAM, Southsea, St. Marys, 11 Union St.
  • NZ, CBY, Christchurch, St Michaels Church.

          They describe the location in full so the is no possible way of identifying the wrong place. Also other readers get a better idea of exactly where the location is. 'I' might know, but do my readers? Separating the parts with commas and using a consistent style makes readability and sorting easy when in a list. I use <F8> extensively in BK5 & BK6 and now Brothers Keeper v7 to make sure I repeat the same spelling mistakes and typographical errors. Only ONE location is ever entered - once. Using the Chapman Codes makes for consistent abbreviations and reduces the space needed in database fields of limited length. It also reduces database size, more so since there are no duplications. Both COUNTY, and COUNTRY. codes are always in upper case font with Commas & Periods as shown.

    See my location list in Brothers Keeper. Observe that some locations are duplicated and others not conforming.

    Note that some of these ideas and methods developed with the early technology day of computers, with small memories & storage space. Some programs and databases used these 'STANDARDS' and is the only way they would work, especially with small (20-character) Location fields.

    That now does not apply in 2018, so full names are preferred.

    Chapman codes are a set of 3-letter codes used in genealogy to identify the administrative divisions in the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.

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    NOTE: These codes, a superset of the the ISO 3166-2:GB and BS 6879 codes, were created by Dr Colin Chapman. This Web connection is particulary helpful for a Global perspective. ..

  • | England | Wales | Scotland | Ireland | New Zealand | Australia |
    CHAPMAN CODES     - ( B.S.S. 6879:1987)
    Refer here also for Colin R. Chapman's original authorship & creation.
    England (ENG) Before 1974:-
    BDF Bedfordshire      HRT Hertfordshire        SOM  Somerset
    BRK Berkshire         HUN Huntingdonshire      STS  Staffordshire
    BKM Buckinghamshire   KEN Kent                 SFK  Suffolk
    CAM Cambridgeshire    LAN Lancashire           SRY  Surrey
    CHS Cheshire          LEI Leicestershire **    SSX  Sussex
    CON Cornwall          LIN Lincolnshire         WAR  Warwickshire
    CUL Cumberland        LND London               WES  Westmorland
    DBY Derbyshire        MDX Middlesex            WIL  Wiltshire
    DEV Devonshire        NFK Norfolk              WOR  Worcestershire
    DOR Dorset            NTH Northamptonshire     YKS  Yorkshire
    DUR Durham            NBL Northumberland       ERY  East Riding Yorkshire
    ESS Essex             NTT Nottinghamshire      WRY  West Riding Yorkshire
    GLS Gloucestershire   OXF Oxfordshire          NRY  North Riding Yorkshire
    HAM Hampshire         RUT Rutland              IOW  Isle Of Wight
    HEF Herefordshire     SAL Shropshire           IOM  Isle Of Man

    | England | Wales | Scotland | Ireland | New Zealand | Australia |
    Wales (WLS) :-              ** since changed from LEI to LEC
    AGY Anglesey          DEN Denbighshire         MON  Monmouthshire
    BRE Breconshire       FLN Flintshire           MGY  Montgomeryshire
    CAE Caernarvonshire   GLA Glamorganshire       PEM  Pembrokeshire
    CGN Cardiganshire     MER Merionethshire       RAD  Radnorshire
    CMN Carmarthenshire

    | England | Wales | Scotland | Ireland | New Zealand | Australia |
    Scotland (SCT) :-
    ABD Aberdeenshire     FIF Fifeshire            PEE  Peebleshire
    ANS Angus (Forfar)    INV Inverness-shire      PER  Perthshire
    ARL Argyllshire       KED Kincardineshire      RFW  Renfrewshire
    AYR Ayrshire          KRN Kinross-shire        ROC  Ross & Cromarty
    BAN Banffshire        KKD Kircudbrightshire    ROX  Roxburghshire
    BEW Berwickshire      LKS Lanarkshire          SEL  Selkirkshire
    BUT Bute              MLN Midlothian           SHI  Shetland Isles
    CAI Caithness         MOR Moray                STI  Stirlingshire
    CLK Clackmannanshire  NAI Nairnshire           SUT  Sutherland
    DFS Dumfriesshire     OKI Orkney Isles         WLN  West Lothian
    ELN East Lothian                               WIG  Wigtownshire
    Channel Isles (CHI) **  :-      ** since changed from CHI to CHA
    ALD Alderney          GSY Guernsey             SRK  Sark
    JSY Jersey

    | England | Wales | Scotland | Ireland | New Zealand | Australia |
    Ireland (IRL) :- 
    CAR Carlow              LEX Leix (Queens)        WAT  Watford
    CAV Cavan               LIM Limerick             WEM  Westmeath
    CLA Clare               LOG Longford             WEX  Wexford
    COR Cork                LOU Louth                WIC  Wicklow
    DON Donegal             MAY Mayo
    DUB Dublin              MEA Meath                N.Ireland (NIR) :-
    GAL Galway              MOG Monoghan             ANT Antrim
    KER Kerry               OFF Offaly (Kings)       ARM Armagh
    KID Kildare                 Queens (See Leix)    DOW Down
    KIK Kilkenny            ROS Roscommon            FER Fermanagh
        Kings (see Offaly)  SLI Sligo                LDY Londonderry
    LET Leitrim             TIP Tipperary            TYR Tyrone
        Note the two parts of Ireland - IRL and NIR.

    | England | Wales | Scotland | Ireland | New Zealand | Australia |


    AKDAuckland KCY King CountryTNK Taranaki
    BOPBay of Plenty MWT Manawatu TPO Taupo
    CBYCanterbury MBH Marlborough TVY Thames Valley / Coromandel
    NCYNorth Canterbury NLN Nelson WKT Waikato
    SCYSouth Canterbury NLD Northland WRP Wairarapa
    ECPBay of Plenty OTG Otago WAN Wanganui / Rangitikei
    HBYHawkes Bay SLD Southland WTN Wellington
    WLD Westland

    | England | Wales | Scotland | Ireland | New Zealand | Australia |


    ACTCapital Territory QLD QueenslandVIC Victoria
    NSWNew Soth Wales SA South Australia WA Western Australia
    NTNorthern Territory TAS Tasmania - -

    | England | Wales | Scotland | Ireland | New Zealand | Australia |

    You may print this page for your future reference. It is useful to use these codes on your genealogy program locations to help abbreviate the length of the location, and maintain consistency with your references. A disiciplined style makes for easier reading, sorting and searching.
    These codes are used widely throughout the world in various forums. Also page vi of "Family Research Directory 2000" by the New Zealand Society of Genealogists (NZSG) contains ALL the world's codes.
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