Census Series Codes

Here are the department series codes used by The National Archives to catalog the census.
The letters 'HO' stand for 'Home Office' and the letters 'RG refer to the 'General Register Office.'
Both were government departments responsible for collecting census data at different times.
These numbers are written on the bottom or side of each census page.
They are used in census indexes, in combination with enumeration district numbers and page and folio numbers, to help you find a family or address in the census.

YEAR Month & Day CODE   YEAR Month & Day CODE
1801 Tuesday Mar-10   1871 Sunday Apr-02 RG10
1811 Monday May-22   1881 Sunday Apr-03 RG11
1821 Monday May-28   1891 Sunday Apr-05 RG12
1831 Monday May-30   1901 Sunday Mar-31 RG13
1841 Sunday Jun-06 HO107 1911 Sunday Apr-02/03 RG14
1851 Sunday Mar-30 HO107 1921 Sunday Apr-19
1861 Sunday Apr-07 RG9 1931 Sun/Mon Apr-26/27

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