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Some New Zealand Resources.

  • Auckland Library Databases
    Searchable databases. Some require a subscription fee. See Remote member.
  • New Zealand Telephone. - White Pages Directory.
    Looking for People, Addresses & Phone numbers in NZ? No Log-in required.
  • PiperPat Attorneys Genealogy links
  • PIPERS Worldwide Listing of Patent Attorneys
    - These N.Z. Patent Attorneys have a most useful set of NZ sites.
    Also links about copyright and intellectual property. A must read.
    Logo by consent. {BEP}
  • One Stop Genealogy Shop
    Jan Gow operates a most effective resource supply enterprise with BEEHIVE BOOKS.
    See also BEEHIVE BOOKS. and Hooked on genealogy
  • NZ Defence - Mil
    This is the best page for links to get military personel records & medals.
    There is lots of useful military information on this site. Did you know there are 138 medals?
    A lot of Campaign information to be had here.
  • NZ Defence - Govt
    This page has links to get military personel records.
  • NZ Army Museum
    Waiouru town has our prestigeous Army Museum.
  • NZ Army
    The general site for the NZ Army.
  • Saving Graves - in New Zealand.
    There are a lot of cemeteries that are being vandalised by dollar driven commercial developement.
  • Cemeteries.
    Kapiti Coast District Council has 222 page PDF document of all the cemeteries' intermenents. That's a lot of names.
  • Cemeteries.
    Manawatu District Council has many cemetery details online.
    Feilding - Halcombe - Kimbolton - Pohangina - Rangiwahia - Rongotea - Sandon - Waituna West.
  • Cemeteries.
    Nelson City Council have now put cemetery information on line. Check it out.

  • MapZone.
    The NZ Map down to streel level and specific places, such as schools. A really fast and powerful site.
  • WISES New Zealand for maps
  • Dictionary of NZ Biography.
    1800 New Zealand Biographies from the "Ministry for Culture and Heritage".

    Corner of Molesworth & Aitken Streets, Wellington. P.O. Box 12349, Wellington, New Zealand.
    Contact:- ALEXANDER TURNBULL LIBRARY - Phone: +64-4-474.3113 - Fax: +64-4-474.3063.
    Papers Past is database of readable newspapers.
  • Archives New Zealand
    or ARCHWAY A searchable database of names in document titles. And other subjects in document titles, of course!.
  • New Zealand History
    Try this for all your answers about Travel, people &c.

  • and a few Specials

  • SNOW New Zealand.
    - Comprehensive N.Z Snow Fields. Great pictures of trails.

  • AMERICAS CUP site.
    - David BLYTHE provides an early perspective & other links about the Year 2007 competition.

  • New Zealand OLYMPIC TEAM site. -

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    A couple of starters in Australia.

  • Tasmanian Family Link
      Try this for 3 generations of your Tassie family.
  • Australian Convicts
      Try this for Convict shipping to all ports.
  • More Australian Convicts.
    - Try this for all manner of Links pertaining to Convicts.
  • AUSTRALIA - Tasmania Convicts, Ships, Links.
    - Meryl Yost has put gether a fine, well focussed but widely informative site.
  • Australia Society of Genealogists
      AGWeb.. Good for Australia & NZ research. Files Online.
  • Graham Jaunay's home page
       Has Shipping information to & from Australia.
  • Ships arriving Austraila ex New Zealand.
    search under arrivals and departures, then the date.
  • Ailsa Corlett
    Member of AAGRA, APG & Assoc. Member of GRINZ.
    Ailsa in Queensland does research of New Zealand from her many
    extensive resources.

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    Other World Genealogical Sites

  • SCOTS Origins - for SCOTTISH BDMs and Old Parish Registers. [OPR]..
    Start at the beginning with the FAQ, proceed through the stepped DEMO
    and enjoy the results of your search (if you have a credit card). Seven day delivery of documents.

  • ENGLISH ORIGINS - for English Databases.
    This site by the SoG, England have presented several usefull searchable databases.
    Phase 1 search will find all the references in all the databases of your family name. [Free].
    Phase 2 search will cost you 6 (abt $NZ20) for 150 index details gleaned over 48 hours.
    and enjoy the results of your search (if you have a credit card).

  • The 1901 Census for England and Wales
  • UK PRO & St. Caths - Online News.

  • UK Starting Place - for UK & Ireland & Scotland.

  • Your Irish Roots: - Irish Genealogy, Irish Surname & Irish Coat of Arms.
    Irish Genealogy research - Irish surname history and Irish Coat of Arms, Ancestor Reports, plus information on tracing your Irish Ancestors.

  • Cyndis LIST. - produces a particularly helpful List over 100,000 Genealogical links. Covers the world in 90 categories - even Australasia!

    A site & database of contributors cemetery records. Read their copyright statement. I find this enlightening.
    We need more N.Z. contributions.
  • Vicar-General Marriage Licence Index - essential background
  • Commonwealth War Graves Commission
    - 1,700,000 references to our folk who didn't come home after WWI & WWII.
    - IGI, Ancestral File & other records of the Mormon Family History Centre on line.
    - Search their databases for your surnames. Get PAF5 for FREE.
  • American Immigration - Ellis Island.
    Lost some old English people that didn't come to NZ or Australia? Try Here.
  • Old Occupations.
  • - ROOTSWeb.Com - *THE* site to search & participate in your Surname interests.
    Subscribe to a County or Surname mailing list.
    Try this for a well organised, fast set of links. Good NZ & UK stuff.
  • UK County & Parish maps.
  • GenMap UK. A mapping program to show where ones forebears originated. Produces map image for web pages.
  • Tree Draw A Family Tree charting program. This draws Descendant & Ancestor charts..

    GEDCOMS --
  • GedX GED Explorer for sorting out GedFiles & GEDCOM Information.
  • GenDex See information about GEDCOMS.
  • Shipping -
  • Home Site & At WRECKS by Bob Sanders, we can read about the sinking of the William Miles(1) and the 1881 Kent Census of William Miles(2) among a great many other ships on the census in 1881.
  • From EricWalker's "Brechin" pages is an incredible story about Scottish Convict, John GALL who was sent to Van Dieman's Land in the William Miles(1).
  • From Genealogy, Ships and Wine;. Gilbert PROVOST tells us about William Miles(1) among dozens of other vessels.
  • At TEESSHIPS Ron Mapplebeck produces a site about global shipping & lists many vessels and provides good answers to good questions.

  • Brothers Keeper
    - The Home of the World's Best Genealogy program!
    - (Latest of BK5,2g is 13 December, 2000).
    - You should download Recent Changes
  • BK6.2.xx is now on the market.
    In the beginning I surmised that BK6 promises to be a worthy competition to the glossier genealogical programs. Well, it has. BK6.2.xx as it is now in Dec 2005.
    BK6 has "To Do" lists, "Media" that include Videos, Audios, & texts that record the details of events and persons & places, and the direct linking of URLS for the web & e-mails.
    It will certainly record ALL you ever might want to record. The reports are still being developed and remain in the old BK5 tradition. However the treatment of additional fields, with formal Sources, Notes & WITNESSES is a major boon for serious genealogists. John Steed is rigidly conforming to the GedCom Standard are far as users will let him.
    See BK6 page. at
    BROTHERS KEEPER Discussion Group.
    is an eMail system that provides for useful exchange of ideas & information concerning that program. John Steed regularly joins in with answers & advice to some of the principles raised.
    Email :- For ListServe (BK-L) > SUBJECT being "Subscribe" [or "Unsubscribe"] to join discussion mail group. > SUBJECT being your subject for discussion on mail group.
    BK FAQ can be obtained by using 'INDEX' as subject in mail to
    You can get BK5-DOS & Alternative BK6 icons here.

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    A Search engine or three...

  • WhoWhere?
    A comprehensive White Page service for locating email 
     addresses and  companies on the Net.  WhoWhere?
       intuitively handles misspelled or  incomplete names. 
    A nice place to start your search... 
  • searchengineCOLOSSUS
  • Search - Learn - Improve
  • NZ
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    I acknowledge that they remain the property of their respective owners.

    Get yourself a copy of WebFeret and Copernic . These are free programs that you have on your HD that will
    search search-engines while you do other things. These are configurable to some extent and produce returns that could contain just what you are looking for. They will surely find unexpected references. They download and install very easily.
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