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A list of my 3 TINY TAFELS. These may be copied & used in OUR mutual research if found to be relevant.     Please feel comfortable to contact me if you would like to discuss details.
    MY New Zealand tree. ALL known direct families from immigrants of 1878. Contains Hampshire folk back to 1820's.
    Originating in 1637, this tree has a small N.Z. constituency. This is essentially a UK tree with four branches that need to develope foliage in the hope a twig grows to be able to produce the seeds that came to N.Z.
    My wife's Paternal tree is pretty well limited to immediate families in Canterbuy , Otago & Southland, N.Z. at this time. Maternal members date from the arrival in N.Z. of the the "CRESSEY", one of Canterbury's first four ships.
Pycroft Immigration
    A short discourse on the immigration to New Zealand of the PYCROFT families .
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The top 2nd, 3rd & 4th descendant generations of John PYCROFT, married 24th October, 1825.
My GtGrandfather was about 16 months old when he came to N.Z. {Edward (Ernest) in blue} and my grandfather being Ernest Arthur.
I have many of the subsequent descendants in N.Z. also.


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PYCROFT Coat of Arms

    Does anybody know the origins of this coat of arms? I have notes out of hearaldry references that show 1650 at Swanton Abbot being its inception; but WHY? To WHOM?

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